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Growit Green

KitchenGrow - Natual

KitchenGrow - Natual

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With our innovative KitchenGrow - Natual solution from Growit Green, you get an easy way to grow microgreens, in natural light on the windowsill. With an aesthetically beautiful wooden frame in Nordic oak produced in Denmark and a black plastic insert for diving, you get a nice wooden box with lovely fresh microgreen sprouts, which decorate the window and are ready to be plucked when the food needs an extra sprinkling.

Starter pack

The starter package includes a total of 15 hemp mats and 3 different types of seeds. A black plastic insert , as well as a raised bottom to put a hemp mat on for germination and a transparent lid to ensure good germination of your seeds. For starting your seeds, a spray bottle is also included, which ensures a good start for your seeds.

About Microgreen

A mat with seeds is grown in 5-7 days, so with a starter kit there is approx. 3 months. In the package you will find 3 easy types of seeds, which ensure you get an easy start with your microgreens.

  • Green radish
  • Rambo radish
  • Buckhorn

The accompanying hemp mats absorb liquid with capillary action, which ensures that your roots continuously receive the watering they need to grow. You just have to ensure that there is enough water at the bottom of the tray.

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